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Fluid Networks

Towards a New Era of Decentralization, Autonomy, Experimentation & EmergencePhoto by Clint Adair on UnsplashThis finds its way online woefully late as part of the Pedagome/DigPINS collaboration and is my attempt to throw a unique focal lens on the …

Fluid Identity

Moral Moorings with a Social Media SubstratePhoto by Adrien Converse on UnsplashPhew…it’s been a hell of a week. A tangled web of reflections, connections, disconnections, reconnections, and a ground-up mental remodeling within, around, and beyond the …

DigPINS: Identity Reflection

Inevitably… I have limited time as I’m working on my professional development over the weekend. I keep trying to keep my mind on the assignment of #Identity in digital spaces for #DigPINs, but I realize… I… just… can’t… focus…. I’m ashamed to admit that my stance on #guncontrol has been very reserved until the #IfIDieInSchool …

Reflecting the Penn State ID2ID 2018-2019 Program

  By Erin McCully and Susannah Simmons As we noted in our initial reflection about the Penn State ID2ID Program, we were fortunate to have been randomly paired together in a wildly successful, worldwide program. We would likely never have met given our geographic locations (North Carolina and Colorado), but have learned a great deal …

Mini Capstone Project: Accessibility Webinar

  The Penn State ID2ID Program Deliverable By Erin McCully and Susannah Simmons Overview Our project for the ID2ID program was an Accessibility Webinar hosted by pedago.me and the Blind Institute of Technology. This webinar was the product of much multi-level planning effort between ourselves, which expanded to include two other ID2ID participants, LaDawna Minnis …

Penn State ID2ID Program: Reflecting on our accomplishments and challenges thus far

  By Erin McCully and Susannah Simmons Initial thoughts on the Penn State ID2ID program We really didn’t know what to expect when starting the ID2ID program, but one thing was clear. We were fortunate to have been randomly paired together in a wildly successful, worldwide program. The open structure of the ID2ID program has …

The Right Design Solution Isn’t Always the Most Glamorous One

For my instructional design internship, I worked with the nonprofit, Project C.U.R.E. in the analysis and planning of a warehouse operations manual. It was a bit of a reality check after steeping in an educational technology master’s program where creativity is king. In the real world, practicality rules. However, I must say a job well planned and …


I am very excited to share that I will be collaborating with some colleagues at Pedago.me in a hybrid conference presentation at the Teaching and Learning With Technology Symposium (TLTS), an interactive forum for exploring new ideas, innovative research and expanded academic boundaries. This year’s theme is all about Building Opportunities, and that’s exactly what Pedago.me is working toward. Our community of instructional designers and social educators wanted a digital space to connect,

#Hashtag – Where to Find the Good Stuff

Learning about something takes knowing where to search! New to #lxd (Learning Experience Design), I want to start following the convo online–>

Some hashtags I’ve discovered to date:

  • #lxd (learning experience design)
  • #digped (digital pedagogy)
  • #diglit (digital literacy)
  • #ds106 (edtech digital storytelling)

(I’ll add more as they come up, comment below and I’ll copy your hashtags up here too!)

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