Is there a fee to join Pedagome?

Nope, there’s no fee. We want as many people to join as possible so that our knowledge base grows too.

How do I start participating in Pedagome?

We are most active in our Slack group, which has many channels for exploration. The group is very welcoming, so introduce yourself and start writing your thoughts on topics that interest you. 

Is it okay to reach out to someone in the community directly? 

Yes! Please make connections and grow your network shamelessly. That’s why we are all here–to learn, share, and grow. 

What channels are available in Pedagome Slack?

We have many channels in the Slack space, some of which are broad (for instance, “general-hangouts” and “random-thoughts”) and some of which are more specific (check out “inclusive-a11y” or “pd-conferences.”) You’ll automatically be added to some of our most popular channels when you accept your Slack invite. Please explore the additional channels we you get a chance, and feel free to join any that interest you. 

How can I contribute to the efforts of Pedagome?

If you’re interested in either formally launching or supporting a Pedagome event or initiative, please direct message Susannah, Lainie, and LaDawna (copying all three of us streamlines communications). Examples of current and past events include: Pedagome Coffee Klatch at OLC, Pedagome @ DigPINS, and planned discussions on Slack such as Thankful Thursdays or Flashback Fridays.