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We host #pedagome Twitter chats every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm MST. Mark you calendars, share your point of view, and learn something new. Chat questions will be posted a few days in advance.


Multiple Choice Questions

7PM MT, November 9, 2017

Join this month’s Pedagome chat to reflect on our beliefs and understandings of multiple choice questions, think about how we develop them and how we utilize them in alignment with our beliefs.

Like to plan ahead? Check out Thursday’s questions now!

Q1 What is your process for designing a multiple choice question?

Q2 What are the advantages of using multiple choice questions What are the drawbacks?

Q3 When and why SHOULDN’T you use multiple choice questions?

Q4 Are multiple choice questions authentic? Why or why not?

Q5 What are your thoughts about assessing deeper learning with multiple choice question?

Q6 Are multiple choice questions objective? Why or why not?

Q7 Has the chat influenced how you’ll design multiple choice questions in the future? Do you have a takeaway lesson?