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Transforming Criticism into Constructive Feedback

7PM MDT, September 14, 2017

After hours of preparation, careful design and meticulous development of learning materials, criticism can be painful to stomach. As eLearning specialists, let’s share how we cope with harsh critiques of our work, and how we transform it into useful constructive feedback.


Learning Outcome Discuss professional experience with receiving criticism from subject matter experts and/or learning audiences and transforming into constructive feedback.
Intro/Q1 What is the most influential piece of criticism you ever received?
Q2 How often are you exposed to criticism and how are you able to apply it?
Q3 What role does constructive criticism play for developing learning experiences?
Q4 What techniques do you use to mentally/emotionally manage harsh criticism?
Q5 How have you changed rude feedback into something constructive?
Q6/Bonus Pedago.monkey asked you to review his course design. It needs a lot of work. How do you provide your own constructive criticism?