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We host a professional development event every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm MST. Mark you calendars, share your point of view, and learn something new. #LXDesign #InstructionalDesign #DigPed

May 10, 2018, join us at 7pm MT for a Twitter chat on Fighting the Forgetting Curve, hosted by @mitchellwoll. Follow along and participate using #pedagome.

What we’ll be discussing: The forgetting curve suggests that memory declines over time. Repetition can can help combat this, but when does repetition become… too repetitive? Learners are able to remember stronger memories for longer. Creating “delight” is one method for forming lasting memories. Let’s discuss how we use repetition and delight to combat the forgetting curve. For more information about delight, pursue “The Case for “Delight-enment”: UX in Learning Design” by Emily Ricci:

Need help with how to join in? Read “Twitter Chat Guidelines” for information and suggestions.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night!