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verb: (1) show or explain to (me) how to do something (see #instructable, #digped); (2) to continually learn, unlearn and relearn (see Toffler, #autodidact, #diglit). noun: (1) a learning-experience-design community of practice (see #lxdesign); (2) a collaboratory of instructional designers and portfolio of their best work.


We are an online, grassroots community  of elearning developers, multimedia professionals, instructional designers, learning experience designers, and all other terms for Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) professionals. There are many phenomenal elearning communities out there, but the original idea of was not to attach to any one educational technology. By staying open or software/edtech-agnostic we are able to focus on pedagogy in our ever-expanding elearning world.

We are constructing the site from the ground up and it is a great time to get involved. Here’s how:

  • Slack – plug into our slack channel for immediate support and camaraderie
  • Twitter – follow @Pedagome and tag us #pedagome on relevant pedagogical tweets
  • Twitter Chats – discuss relevant elearning issues every 2nd Thursday at 7pm MST
  • Blogs – syndicate you blog’s edtech reflections with us: sign up here
  • Email – for all other interests please reach out to